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We inspire a healthier digital lifestyle for everyone, with stylish eyewear that lasts.

Have you ever returned home from work, completely sapped of energy, experiencing headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision?

When our founder first experienced this, she had returned to work after taking time away to raise her children. Yes, things had changed but the idea that she could be quite this exhausted after a few hours per day in front of a computer didn't feel right. Several weeks of this fatigue was too much so she asked a friend for help.

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Having never even heard of digital blue light, the suggestion of buying glasses to protect from its effects was both surprising and intriguing.

An eye exam, a recommendation to buy reading glasses and an addition of a blue light filter later was enough to provide astonishing results. With more energy, clear vision and a complete reduction of headaches, things were moving in the right direction but more was needed.

Lenses that lasted longer, protected better and looked incredible would take the benefits to another level.

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That's why Milson Park Way started. Every model is named after a popular city park to represent the ideal way to relax and get some peace in the centres of modern life.

Wearing Milson Park glasses allows your eyes to relax, reduces eyestrain and brings energy back into your life, all while looking stylish. We also think that it's vital to keep your eyes open to the world around you.

That's why we encourage you to take a day away from the screens each week and we also donate a percentage of every purchase to a worthy cause.

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